Pussy Footing Around

I've been reluctant to weigh in on the scandal, but there's been a lot of talk about pussies lately.  The word has been thrust to the forefront of our national consciousness.  There was a time when author's like myself were the only ones to give pussies their place in print. But now....!  It's pussy all the time and everyone wants to weigh in.

Here's what I'm saying.

Since my blog is so far away from political, I think there is one unifying message we can all agree upon. Pussies deserve respect. I'm not the first and won't be the last to acknowledge that without laying blame, pussies have brought kings to their knees and inspired lesser men to achieve greatness. Have we evolved beyond that fact? I'm afraid, not yet. 

There may be no greater disrespect of the pussy than depriving it of want it needs.  If you like having it grabbed, then by all means, find someone you trust who will do it for you.  But let's never forget who deserves to make that call.  (Here's a hint...you need to have one.)

New Book in Edits!

I know I've been away a while...

But I've got something new coming soon.  Tentative blurb...don't hold me to it.

Lead singer of the band For Real, Tricia Donahue left her hometown with one question. How can you love three men at once? She’s convinced herself that it can’t be done—not without living up to her family’s infamous reputation. Now years later lead guitarist Michael Hill is touring with world famous TRE, far removed from the small town band he once called his family.  Pete Morello and Marty Pierce were always close, but when the one girl they ever loved disappeared from their world, their casual threesomes and life’s hard knocks revealed the feelings they share for each other. Tricia can have it all…she only has to ask.

My guy's guy, Spencer Hartley

I'm at Joyfully Jay's chatting about one of my favorite guys.  Go check out my guest post.

Yes, there will be trouble

Warning- My heroes and my heroines are bound to fuck up somewhere along the way.  I like it that way.  In one of my favorite TV shows, Nurse Jackie, Edie Falco plays a drug addicted nurse.  She’s a great nurse with a good heart, but she lies and she cheats, all with a straight face.  Somehow, the writers keep you on her side. It’s brilliant!

In my stories and novels I write characters that have failings and will need to find a way to overcome their shortcomings.  It might be pride, or fear, self-doubt or selfishness.  No, things will not be all peachy-keen in my novels.  My Doms are not infallible stallions who are beyond question. My female leads don’t always cooperate.  I want my characters to be real; with inner conflicts and susceptible to mistakes.   For me the resolution of the conflict is so rewarding when you have walked on the coals with the characters, hand in hand.

So this leads me to a question.  Do you want your hero to be perfect?  Can you still like him if he’s not?  In life and in romance novels I truly feel that the power of love lays in the ability to love someone even when they falter and the ability to be their support as they get back on track.  The challenge is to make the reader feel that way too.